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My Passion for Decorative Art Rollers

My Love and the popularity of Decorative Rollers continues to grow as more people discover these wonderful tools.  So, I’m here once again to share more of my Tips & Tricks for using these rollers and making your projects easy and fun!

My collection continues to grow with over 50 different patterns to choose from, so your first task is trying to figure out which pattern you want to play with.  For some people this is the hardest thing, choosing which roller to start with!

If you are wanting to learn different techniques on how to use your rollers, you will definitely want to check out my YouTube Channel. I have tons of tutorials showing you how to use your new roller.

Check out my YouTube Channel Here

One of the easiest techniques for using the rollers is a “negative” technique.  Let me try and explain what I mean… These rollers are designed to make an “impression” into wet material.  Like in my videos, I demonstrate applying Texture Medium, paint or glaze for you to roll into/through.  This creates a negative impression of the pattern into the wet material.  You can see this in action on my YouTube Channel!

Glaze is one of the easiest materials to work with.  This medium stays wet for a long time and will allow you to apply the glaze and have plenty of time to roll through while it’s wet.  I actually like to let the glaze “set-up” for a few minutes after applying to the surface. Otherwise, your roller may “slide” in the wet glaze.  Also, make sure that your roller head is spinning freely on the handle before you use it.  If it’s not “lube” the bar with a little Pam Cooking Spray.  This stuff works great!

Paint is another medium that you can roll through. I really love using DIY Paint!  Application is the same as glaze, but you will not have as much “working time” because paint dries faster.  If you are using paint and the surface area is larger, you can add some clear glaze to your paint to help it stay wet longer.

My favorite medium to roll through is my Texture Medium by ArtsSyVille Embellishments.  I have worked very hard on creating a texture medium that is easy to roll through and this stuff is AMAZING!  One thing that is really important when rolling through an applied texture, is to keep the application “thin”.  I always say to my students ‘Thin wins’!  If you have applied the texture too thick on the surface it just clogs up the roller and you will have to wash it more often…. And that’s not any fun!  Also, having more than one roller for a larger project is a good idea 🙂

For more information on these amazing rollers, you will definitely have to visit my YouTube Channel.  If You don’t have any plans tonight, just grab some popcorn and watch a video or two 🙂 You will love learning these amazing techniques.

I sure hope that you will give the Decorative Rollers a try and please let me know if there is any additional information that you need before you get ROLLIN’!


Dana’s FIRST Stamping Roller Project

The Before Picture

I love that my customers share pictures of their projects with me and that we get to feature them all on our different social platforms!  And this one I felt deserved to be featured on my blog 🙂

First off, I feel it is very important for you to know that this was her first project with my Stamping Rollers and she rocked it!

Heirloom Pattern Stamping Roller

Here is Dana Killi’s story about this nurses cabinet:

“I finished my first APS Stamping Roller project this weekend!  Earlier this Summer, I spotted a really old, pretty run down nurses cabinet at a yard sale.  Not sure why I stopped because I wasn’t looking for a project, but I felt like it needed saving and a new start.  In addition to needing paint, it had broken/missing molding in several spots, missing knob (so opening the door was tricky) and several chunks and chips out of the wood.  I repaired the molding and made a new decorative accent for the area around the door pull and started painting with the end goal of a driftwood look.  I used Debi’s DIY Paint Weathered Wood & Vintage White and the Heirloom Pattern Stamping Roller.  So fun and surprisingly very relaxing. I may have a new hobby!

Thanks for a great product, your beautiful talent and for sharing it in all of your wonderful videos!

Here are a few Before, during and After photos of the old (and new again) nurses cabinet!!!

Dana Killi”

This is the inside of the cabinet before the shelves were installed.
The Finished Transformation Nurses Cabinet

One this last photo, Dana wanted to share a technique that she used to create this look on the shelves.

“After the shelves were painted (in the lighter color), I liked the contrast but decided I wanted to add a little “pretty” to them.  So I used the Heirloom pattern roller on them as well but this time I wiped it back so the finished product had just a light hint of the roller pattern.”

We love Dana’s project and all her creativity she poured into this cabinet!  She did a fabulous job with the Heirloom Stamping Roller and if you would like to see the complete collection of rollers, please check out our website.  Also, make sure to check out our video collection for many application inspirational ideas.

Blessings to all and keep rollin’ 🙂


DIY Paint

Decorative Art Rollers

YouTube Channel 

Rollers & Fabric

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this girl is in LOVE with rollers!! I mean, the applications just seem to be endless… Having so many options, my creative juices start flowing and my head starts spinning!

One of my favorite ways to use my Stamping Rollers lately is to “Stamp” fabric. There are so many different types of fabric to use and so many different DIY projects you can create!  I’m just going to touch on a few ideas to inspire you today, but I’m sure there will be even more blog posts to come in the future on this subject.

Recently I was playing around with some burlap and so many ideas and uses for painted burlap came to mind.

I was playing around on a Facebook Live the other day and I was trying to see if it was easier to: paint the burlap first before rolling a pattern or if it would work painting over the rolled pattern.  Well… GUESS WHAT!! Either way worked just as well… Yay!!

But, isn’t it nice to know that after you rolled a pattern on the fabric and you decided that you wished you had painted a different color for the background that all is not lost and you can paint right over what you have already done!

Okay… Now onto the project 🙂

Just grab your Stamping Roller handle, sponge/foam roller and your favorite roller pattern and let’s get started.

Using a “serving tray” as my paint tray, I cover it with Press-n-seal (that’s so I don’t have to clean it later) and pour out my favorite color of paint. I have to say I love working with my DIY Paints and I used Old 57 and Hey Sailor on this project.

All paints have different consistencies and if the one you have chosen, like the DIY Paints, is a little thicker, then you may want to add a little bit of water to the paint before loading it on the foam roller. Thinner paints seem to soak into the foam much easier.

Insert the foam roller into the small holes that are closest to the handle and roll it into the paint. Make sure that the roller is completely covered with paint. This way it will apply paint to all sections of the pattern roller where needed.

Once the foam roller is loaded with your favorite paint, then you will insert the pattern roller of your choice into the holes on the end of the U-shaped handle. You will now want to get out a piece of practice paper and roll onto the surface.  This will load the paint onto the patterned roller and make sure everything is “rolling” correctly!

From here, I just laid out the Burlap and rolled from one end to the other, skipping about an inch in between my passes.

It takes more time to load the roller than it does to paint your project most of the time.  You can have your fabric project painted so quickly, it’s crazy!

I am thinking that this project will make a nice rustic table runner and who knows what else I will decide to do with the rest of this burlap!

I would love to know what ideas you have going on in your head!  Please share your ideas and uses for Painted Burlap with me!

Check out the Facebook Live I did here:

Products Used:

Stamping Rollers

DIY Paint

Burlap (affiliate link, no extra cost to you 🙂 )


All Funked Out!!

Every once in a while you get to do something for yourself and don’t care what anybody thinks!!!  Well, here is one of those pieces, my funky little end table 🙂

I picked up a pair of these super cute end tables on the side of the road…  Don’t you love it when you find something and it’s FREE?? Yeah?? Me too!!

As usual, they sat around my studio (for many months I might add) until I found a moment to get started.  You know, that dreaded prep time…  I hate sanding, have I said that enough?  LOL!!  I need to find a studio assistant (ASAP!!) to do all this prep work for me!!  But, this piece went out the back door and received a good sanding and cleanup.  Yup, the spider webs and all had to go!! Oh the things you get to deal with during prep.

Now, the fun started and yes I think the primer is fun! Or at least the assurance it gives me to know that my paint will adhere and may prevent any bleed through.  Then… the real FUN began and it was time to break out the DIY Paints!!!  WooHoo… and of course the fun colors 🙂

Talk about a fun palette to use: Old 57, Mermaid Tail, Kissing Booth and Cowgirl Coral … I love getting to play with all these colors.

I started the base with Old 57 and Mermaid Tail – haphazardly applying both at the same time, using a little water to blend the colors.  You can add water to your brush or use a spray bottle and mist.  Once the base was dry, I decided to get a little crazy with my colors and basically dry brush on both the Kissing Booth and Cowgirl Coral.  I really didn’t try to blend these two colors, just more of a random application.

Then on to some pattern and design!  Breaking out my stencils and rollers here 🙂  Don’t you just love adding pattern with stencils? It is such a fun and easy technique to add so much character to a project!

I stencilled the Hampton Medallion pattern randomly and in a distressed look.  Not trying to define all the detail and letting it be faded in the background design.  I stencilled with Americana Acrylics – Sea Breeze and Desert Turquoise (these colors were a close match to the Old 57 and Mermaid Tail).

Once all the stenciling was accomplished, I decided to randomly roll on the Chrysanthemum pattern.  I brushed the paint onto the roller using the Kissing Booth and Cowgirl Coral (at the same time) and just rolled where ever I felt I wanted a little more interest.

This beautiful piece was protected with the Final Coat wipe on varnish.  This stuff is amazing and so easy, just wipe it on with a staining pad.  It dries really fast because you are wiping it on super thin and I just layer about 3 to 4 coats depending on the surface and use!!  Super cool stuff 🙂

Painting is one of my passions and it’s so fun to just let the artist in you out and have fun with a project.  Nothing to match, no one’s opinion, just letting your creativity explode!!

Project Materials:

DIY Paints: Old 57, Mermaid Tail, Kissing Booth, Cowgirl Coral

Chrysanthemum Roller

Hampton Medallion Stencil

Primer  ** affiliate link, no extra cost to you, I will just make a couple dollars **

Americana Acrylic Paints: Sea Breeze, Desert Turquoise  ** affiliate links, no extra cost to you, I will just make a couple dollars **

Final Coat

Getting Funky with some Painted Jeans

So call me a little Funky, a throwback to the 70’s or whatever… BUT I love my painted Jeans!

Talk about fun!!  They are fun to wear and even more fun to paint!!  So grab yourself some jeans and if you don’t have any to paint, head to your favorite Good Will (or your favorite thrift store) store to find a pair at a great price!  This is even a great idea for some practice and playing around.  I picked up several pairs for only $5 to $7 each!!


I love using my rollers to paint on the jeans (I’m currently looking for a denim jacket for another project) and both of the rollers styles can be used.  But for the most consistent application, I like to use the Stamping Rollers.

When using the rollers for painting on fabric there are a few things that you need to know first.  Many different paints can be used, but I have found that fabric paints do work the best.  The main reason is that you are only rolling the paint over the fabric and not working it into the fibers so we need something that is meant for fabric painting.

Even spray a light mist of water over the area you are going to paint – this will help the paint to soak into the fabric.  Make sure to allow the paint to dry for the recommended time and then heat set.  Heat setting can be done several ways: you can bake them in an oven on low, throw them in the dryer for about 30 minutes on high heat or iron using a pressing cloth.  All these methods will work for heat setting the paint.

I have used Plaid Fabric Paint and have also used DIY Paints, General Finishes Milk Paint with adding a Fabric Medium to both of them… BUT the Fabric Paint did wash the best.

So get out your rollers and a pair of those old jeans hanging in your closet and make some wearable art!!

Come on girls, get funky with me!!!

Transform your Concrete into a Faux Wood Floor!!!

I always have tons of ideas running through my head – just not always enough time in the day to execute them all!!!  I’m sure most of my creative friends are in the same place – always more ideas than time!

But, I have to say that being a regular guest on Hometalk TV has pushed me to get a few of these things accomplished! Nothing like a deadline hanging over your head and having to go LIVE showing thousands of people how to do something……if something goes wrong, you have to “wing” it!!!  LOL

Well, my last Hometalk TV Live was really fun and I finally finished something that I had been wanting to do around my studio!  Still way too many white walls and plain floors around here……:(

The natural concrete floor through most of the studio.

I had been wanting to use one of my Rollers on the concrete floor and decided to section off an area and create a Faux Wood Grain White Washed floor!!!

Supplies needed.

There is not much needed for this project – just the Stamping Roller Handle Applicator (which comes with the foam applicator), Wood Grain Roller and Converter Bar.  Then you can pick the paint type and color you would like to work with. I used the General Finishes Chapin Gray Chalk Style paint – I wanted a matter finish and was needing something that would dry fast!

OH – don’t forget we do need to prepare the surface a little……..I swept the floor, got down on my hands and knees and cleaned with wet rags (boy was it dirty) – did this a couple of times!!!  Then I mixed a solution of 50/50 water and vinegar to “etch” the surface – this helps open the pours of the concrete and will allow the paint to adhere better.    Then I let the floor dry for a couple of days.

The next thing is to load the Roller and my best way to show you is to have you watch my video that walks you through the process of loading the roller:

This was fun and easy – it only took about 10 minutes to roll the entire area (10’x6′) and then about 30 minutes to hand paint some of the detail areas where the roller couldn’t fit.

I just used a Liner Brush and a little watered down paint to fill in the areas along the wall edges where the roller didn’t get close enough too or if the pattern skipped a little (but I personally love the imperfections that were left behind)!!!

Adding the finishing details with a Liner Brush.

Well – if you know me, I just couldn’t leave it as just a wood grained floor!  I had to pull out a stencil and create a little more Charm!!!

Hampton Medallion Stencil.

I used one of my all time FAVS – Hampton Medallion stencil with some Modern Masters Metallic paint in Teal!

Adding some stencil pattern.

I LOVE my new floor – so much Charm has been added to this area!!!

One last thing – need to protect all this beautiful floor!  I plan to use BM Stays Clear and put on at least three coats……we get all lot of traffic through this area!

Let the Fun of my Decorative Rollers enhance your projects – walls, floors, furniture, cabinetry – unlimited possibilities!  Check out all the fabulous patterns available on my website for Roller Heaven!!!

Here is the complete application of the process while on Hometalk TV Live!

Watch the final details and stenciling!