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Getting Funky with some Painted Jeans

So call me a little Funky, a throwback to the 70’s or whatever… BUT I love my painted Jeans!

Talk about fun!!  They are fun to wear and even more fun to paint!!  So grab yourself some jeans and if you don’t have any to paint, head to your favorite Good Will (or your favorite thrift store) store to find a pair at a great price!  This is even a great idea for some practice and playing around.  I picked up several pairs for only $5 to $7 each!!


I love using my rollers to paint on the jeans (I’m currently looking for a denim jacket for another project) and both of the rollers styles can be used.  But for the most consistent application, I like to use the Stamping Rollers.

When using the rollers for painting on fabric there are a few things that you need to know first.  Many different paints can be used, but I have found that fabric paints do work the best.  The main reason is that you are only rolling the paint over the fabric and not working it into the fibers so we need something that is meant for fabric painting.

Even spray a light mist of water over the area you are going to paint – this will help the paint to soak into the fabric.  Make sure to allow the paint to dry for the recommended time and then heat set.  Heat setting can be done several ways: you can bake them in an oven on low, throw them in the dryer for about 30 minutes on high heat or iron using a pressing cloth.  All these methods will work for heat setting the paint.

I have used Plaid Fabric Paint and have also used DIY Paints, General Finishes Milk Paint with adding a Fabric Medium to both of them… BUT the Fabric Paint did wash the best.

So get out your rollers and a pair of those old jeans hanging in your closet and make some wearable art!!

Come on girls, get funky with me!!!