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Used Rollers Condition

Below you will find information about how we categorize our used rollers. These condition ratings are our own interpretation of the rollers and based on the cosmetics of the roller. All used rollers will still work great and the pattern will be unaffected.

All of our used Red Rollers with com with the handle.

Like New Condition:

Roller will look brand new, as if the shrink wrap was just taken off. Roller has not been used and is in flawless condition.

Good Condition:

Roller has been used but in good condition. The roller may show minor signs of being used – look as if it has been wash, dried paint in a crevice or two. The performance of the roller will not be impacted, will work great.

Okay Condition:

Roller has been used a few times. Roller will show some wear – most likely will have paint on roller or handle. Again, rollers performance will not be affected by its condition. Roller may need a good scrubbing to clean.

Stamping Applicator Handle:

Above condition rating still apply. The sponge will either be like new or brand new.