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DIY Projects

Below you kind find a variety of different projects Jenn has created over the years.
These projects use a variety of the products and tools we offer. Including different textures, paints, Decorative Rollers, and of course, Metallic Foils!

Groovy Roller skates

Jenn transforms her step-daughters old & worn roller skates into a groovy pair with the Groovy Kaleidoscope Foil!

Farmhouse Welcome Sign

Learn how to create a wonderful welcome sign with a rustic, farmhouse look!

DIY Foiled Flower Pots

Jenn added her personal flare to these Dollar Tree terra cotta flower pots using Metallic Foils! 

Why not let your pretty flowers sit in something just as pretty? 

Upcycled Side Table

Learn how to upcycle furniture and add texture to any project in this video! 

Stencilled Graffiti Wall

In this video, learn how Jenn uses metallic paints and stencils to create a graffiti wall. She’ll teach you the techniques to layering stencils on top of one another and much more!


For more DIY projects check out our Youtube Channel and make sure to subscribe!