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A Year Long Transformation!!!

I always have high hopes when I find a great piece of furniture to transform!  LOL  But, then reality sets in and I discover that my work schedule is just so busy, that I don’t have much time to paint!

I found this piece (guess is was a China hutch at one point) at least a year ago – thought it would be wonderful for my office and I would use it as a book shelf.  The current book shelf I have is falling apart and needs to be replaced!!!

Whatever paint that had been used on it was just scratching off – so I decided to take it back down to the wood……You know I LOVE to sand – NOT!!!

By the way – those wonder little dollies that the legs are resting on can be found at Harbor Freight – they come in two different styles and I own both!!!

Dollies for furniture

Now, the time that had already passed from the date I brought this to the shop, to the time I started to sand it was over a month or so…….so much for getting anything done fast!

Hutch section

Time to start at least the drawers.  I created my Hammered Metal finish using the Texture Medium and Ostrich Roller.  Tape off the drawer fronts to isolate the area, then trowel or brush on the Texture Medium.  While the Texture Medium is still wet, roll the Ostrich roller through it several times (I like the messy look).  Just allow the Texture Medium to dry and then sand down any of the peaks or rough areas.

Texture Medium & Ostrich Roller
Products used

Once the drawers were dry and sanded – then I painted two coats of the Modern Masters Antique Copper. After the Paint was dry, then I added a layer of glaze to create depth – Modern Masters Wall glaze and Tobacco Brown Colorant.

Textured, Painted and Glazed
Drawers Finished

All the drawers are finished – now it’s time to tackle the rest of this piece……LOL

Adding some color!

Finally adding some color to the base section – I started this in September of 2016 and I hate to admit that it’s April of 2017 and I’m still working on the same piece of furniture!!!  Talk about being a little slow…..

This was painted with DIY Paint Seaglass by Debi’s Design Diary – I love their Chalky paints.  Easy to use and great coverage.

Hammered Metal finish with Embossed Stencil

The ends of the cabinet were created with the same technique as the drawer fronts and I just added the Hampton Medallion stencil embossed with the Texture Medium (TM is wonderful for embossing stencils)!!!

Top of cabinet

I created a “Wet Blending” technique using both the Seaglass and Mermaid Tail DIY Paints and then stenciled with Bronze Foil!

Bottom section completed!

Bottom section of this cabinet finally completed – I think it’s at least June at this point!!!

I used my Foil Adhesive and Bronze Foil to transform the hardware!!!  This was soooo fast and easy!  Just apply one layer of Foil Adhesive and allow to dry to a firm tack and then transfer foil – I didn’t try for 100% transfer, I liked a little of the original color coming through.  Top coat to protect!

The massive hutch finally started – one coat of primer done!!!  This piece is really heavy!

It’s sometime in July and the hutch is moving along.  The back section of each “cubby” was created with the Hammered Metal finish – Texture Medium and Ostrich Roller – apply the first layer of paint.  Modern Masters Antique Copper – applied two coats!

Just about finished with the painting!!!  First coat of DIY Paint, Seaglass – love this stuff!!!

The complete hutch/cabinet – yes, I really do finish things!  I have discovered that if there is NO deadline for something, it takes me a year to do it……..that’s really not funny but it is what it is!

For complete details on the most of the steps to this project, watch the videos posted below – I did tape most of the process!!!

Hope you enjoy watching the process and my goal for my next project is that it only takes 6 months and not a complete year!!!  Next project in line is my dinning room table – hoping to start in October!!!  Let’s see how that works out 🙂

Blessings to all,