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Meeting of the Masters


I realize that this event did take place this past October 2007 – but, this was such an incredible experience that I still wanted to share it with everyone…..and I have some great pictures too!

Meeting of the Masters (MOTM) was a celebration of the Arts that was created by Faux Effects™ – the FE team created an environment for us all to gather a celebrate what we do.  There was an incredible presence of Masters from all over the world (some didn’t even speak English) – it was a great experience even trying to communicate.  I was in awe of all the unbelievable talent that was gathered together and all they were willing to share.

The event started off with a Private Party for the Masters and their guests – (Ray and Jane wanted to make sure that when the event open to the public – that we would actually stay in are own booths, instead of going and seeing what everyone else was doing)……….

The event opened to a line of people that went on and on – I don’t think I had ever seen a line so long!  It was nice to meet so many people that you talk to through-out the year – share some of your favorite samples and demo your techniques – which all the Masters did over a two day period.

There was also a wonderful evening (in Faux Effects™ style) that had live music – Just eat, drink and be merry……I think was the theme (oh, no it was Diamonds & Denim)!

I know that Faux Effects™ is planning another MOTM for 2009 and believe me – I wouldn’t miss it. If you didn’t have the chance to experience MOTM 2007 – make sure to mark your calendars and make it to this wonderful celebration in 09.

For more information and a lot more photos – go to

Black & White Stencil Collection

This past year I finally made it back to the drafting table and created a new collection of stencils.  These designs were created with the decorative finisher in mind – all designs are single overlay and cut in 10 mil mylar – making it very easy to work with any material.

The new stencil collection debuted in Dallas at the Meeting of the Masters – this was kinda funny. My collection was called the Black & White Collection – so I decided to do all the sample boards in Black and White (the pictures posted here are from my studio as I was creating all the sample boards).  When I went to set up my booth, I discovered that FE has decided to use Black and Orange drapes for the booth……I kinda looked like Halloween.  Now, if I had known that, I would have created something in the spirit……oh, well – you couldn’t miss my booth.

Check out the complete collection at Black & White Stencil Collection.   

Royal Flush

Royal Flush Portable Restrooms

This has been one of my most unusual projects that I have worked on over the past 20 years.  Royal Flush is a company that provides “upscale” portable bathrooms (not your usual out-houses) and the owner decided to go the extra step and allow me to create some beautiful walls (under the direction of the Designer – Thanks Kim).  This is a very nice looking trailer that houses a men’s, women’s and handicapped restrooms. In my opinion, these have been needed for a long time – I just hate going to an event and all they provide are those horrible construction site outhouses. 

Womens restroom in progress

The designer and I went to work on several ideas for the bathrooms – she decided that the Metallic finishes I created would work out very well.  They had a “faux” tin ceiling installed with crown molding – so, I was hired to create a finish on all the walls and moldings (crown and base).

womens restroom
Due to the materials that were used to create these rooms – there was a lot of preparation in making sure that my products would stick!  I spent a full day just prepping the surface – sanding and sanding and sanding.  I wasn’t going to go through all this work if it was going to adhere properly.  I created a multi-layered, multi-material finish in the women’s bathroom working with Venetian Gem Bellissimo, LusterStone and Palette Deco – what a great metallic finish!  Then, both the crown and base moldings were painted Black and dry brushed with Dutch Metals – Bronze.  On to the men’s room – this room was created with Metallic waxes – layer and layer – beautiful finish – with Black moldings highlighted in Copper/Bronze Dutch metals. 

Great project – owner delivered the trailer to my studio (we used a few more parking stalls than usual) and it was very convenient to walk out my studio and have my project parked right there.  So, the next event that you attend – hope that you will find a Royal Flush portable bathroom to use.

I’ve been working on this project for the past two weeks and just about have it completed – the women’s restroom is a multi-layered metallic finish using Venetian plaster, LusterStone and Palette Deco – moldings were painted Black Set-Coat and then dry brushed with Dutch Metal Copper.