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DIY Rope Swing

I started making these DIY Rope Swings about 15 years ago and decided that it would be great to do another one!! I am so excited to show you how to create this super fun project!

DIY Rope Swings

DIY Foiled Rope Swing

I started with a round wood table top from Home Depot. You can purchase the wood at Home Depot as well, or find something similar elsewhere.  I believe Home Depot makes these round wood table tops in a couple of different sizes. So you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Next, you need to drill a hole in the middle large enough for the size of rope you decide to use!

Now we can get to the fun creating part!

Basecoat the entire surface of your wood with bondago black. Once it’s dry, apply a layer of the foil adhesive to the top and side areas and allow it to dry for at least an hour.

Then I used our Just Diamonds Stencil to apply a fun diamond pattern with the Jaguar Gold metallic foil.

Once the top was complete with the Diamonds, I choose the Coy Cheetah Silver foil to foil the rest of the top surface area.  It’s fun to combine different foils together and you can choose any two foils for your project.  I also transferred the Jaguar Gold foil on the outside of the wood.

Make sure to use a good topcoat to protect your project. Our Modern Masters MasterClear is an exterior product with UV protection. Make sure to use this product or something similar!

Now, just add your rope, find a strong branch and enjoy some time just swinging like a kid again!

Xo, Jenn

Stenciling with Metallic Foils

Stenciling with metallic foils is a great way to add pizzazz and contrast to any design. The following tutorial will show you how easy it can be to create a wooden cross that has been stenciled with metallic foils using our super cute Rosie Posie Flower Pot Stencil.

Stenciling with Metallic Foils

I started with this fabulous wooden cross and base coated with Black Bondago.

Next, I applied a layer of the Foil Adhesive and allowed it to dry for at least an hour or better!

Using the Rosie Posie Flowerpot Stencil, I scattered flowers all over the surface randomly using Pink Foil and Teal Foil. I cut small pieces to make sure that the foil was only transferring to the area that I wanted.

Once you are done with adding as many flowers as I wanted, pick another foil to apply to the rest of the cross! I picked something super fun, Flower Power in Pink! Just cut another piece of foil that covers the entire surface. Lay the foil over the surface and smooth out with a soft rag. Then scrub with your plastic scrub brush to transfer as much of the foil as possible.

Make sure to add a layer of your favorite topcoat to protect the foils. We love our Final Coat and Golden Paintworks Topcoat!

Xo, Jenn

Beautiful Foil Finish

Do you want to create a shiny, metallic foil finish on your craft projects? Or maybe even a beautiful foil finish accent wall? If you answered yes, then this is the perfect tutorial for you!

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to use a pouncing technique in order to get that reflective foil effect. This process requires no special equipment or materials other than a few sheets of metallic foils and foil adhesive.

Creating a Beautiful Foil Finish

First, I started with a black base to create the most depth and dimension in this finish.

Then I applied a layer of the Foil Adhesive and allowed this to dry for at least an hour. The longer it dries, the better the foil will release!

I used a combination of silver metallic foil colors for this project: Bright Silver, Titanium, and Pewter.

Let’s get started…

First, you will wad up a sheet of foil. Make sure the pretty side is on the inside of your wad. Use this wadded-up foil to pounce onto the surface moving your hand around and trying to not pounce anything that is repetitive. Keep repositioning the foil to a new section and pounce across the entire surface applying as much coverage as desired.

Once you have applied as much coverage as desired with the Bright Silver Foil, you will then add the Titanium Foil, and Pewter Foil in the same manner. You will still see some of the black basecoat but continue to pounce until you have the coverage you want.

To finish your project, and protect your foils, add a couple of layers of Final Coat.

Xo, Jenn

Dresser Drawer DIY Project

I ended up with several dresser drawers from another project that I repurposed into a cabinet/tv stand for our home. Since I’m a person that can never throw anything away, I decided I had to find another purpose for these leftover drawers. I am so excited to share this dresser drawer DIY project with y’all!

Being in a small home, we are always looking for additional storage options and I decided this would be great for under-the-bed storage for the guest room.

Repurposing an Old Dresser Drawer

I know that I didn’t have to get too fancy seeing these would be under the bed, but I couldn’t help myself! I obviously went a little overboard on this project, but that’s okay because my guests always think it’s fabulous to find something so cute in an unexpected place.

First, I covered the front of the drawer with my Texture Medium and used my Chrysanthemum Fauxy Roller.

Then I painted, distressed, and waxed to create a fabulous finish.  Make sure to watch the video for all the details on creating this gorgeous finish.

To make this drawer work under the bed I knew I needed the shortest casters I could find. I used a little woodblock glue on the bottom of the drawer to screw the casters on.

This is a great finish that could be used on any piece of furniture! You definitely don’t have to hide it under the bed as I did! I hope you enjoyed this dresser drawer DIY project!

Xo, Jenn

Coffee Table Makeover

This DIY coffee table makeover is out of this world! That might sound like a strange thing to say about a project that includes something as mundane as painting furniture, but it’s true. This particular design challenge was more than just some paint slapped on an old table and done with; the transformation is nothing short of spectacular. I’ll show you how we did it in a few easy steps, so if you’re ready to take your furniture up a notch then keep reading!

Coffee Table Makeover

The first step was sanding and priming the table. This is definitely not the most fun part of refinishing furniture, but 100% necessary!

Then I used our Texture Medium which I troweled onto the surface. While the texture medium was wet, I rolled the Crocodile Fauxy Roller through the material creating a fabulous crocodile print.

Allow this to dry, and then sand off the high parts. Now you are ready to paint!

I painted the Crocodile section with Modern Masters Metallic Smoke paint and the rest of the table in Old 57 by DIY Paints. Both areas were highlighted with Modern Masters Metallic Teal paint as well.

For more added depth, I also glazed the crocodile top with a Black Glaze. This made it truly look 3-D!!Completed coffee table makeover project!

Don’t forget to topcoat the entire project to protect all your work! Such a fun way to take a plain jane coffee table and turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork!!

Xo, Jenn

Foiled Cowboy Boots

This was my first “shoe” project and I think we started a trend! I discovered that I inspired many people to foil their cowboy boots and the rest of their shoes as well. There have been so many fun foiled cowboy boots and shoes, and I absolutely love getting to see what y’all create!

Foiled Cowboy Boots

Upcycling Cowboy Boots with Foils

You don’t need many supplies for this project. Just some ArtsSyVille Foil Adhesive, your favorite metallic foil, and some Final Coat.

First, you will clean up the boots, and then you will apply one good layer of Foil Adhesive. Allow this to dry for at least an hour.

Next, you will take your favorite foil and transfer it to the surface using a plastic bristle scrub brush. Make sure the “pretty” side is facing you.

Once you are done transferring your foil to your boots or shoes, then you will want to protect your shoes with Final Coat. I recommend doing several layers for the best protection.

That’s it, folks! You now have some gorgeous foiled cowboy boots! This was such a super easy and fun project!

Xo, Jenn