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Meeting of the Masters


I realize that this event did take place this past October 2007 – but, this was such an incredible experience that I still wanted to share it with everyone…..and I have some great pictures too!

Meeting of the Masters (MOTM) was a celebration of the Arts that was created by Faux Effects™ – the FE team created an environment for us all to gather a celebrate what we do.  There was an incredible presence of Masters from all over the world (some didn’t even speak English) – it was a great experience even trying to communicate.  I was in awe of all the unbelievable talent that was gathered together and all they were willing to share.

The event started off with a Private Party for the Masters and their guests – (Ray and Jane wanted to make sure that when the event open to the public – that we would actually stay in are own booths, instead of going and seeing what everyone else was doing)……….

The event opened to a line of people that went on and on – I don’t think I had ever seen a line so long!  It was nice to meet so many people that you talk to through-out the year – share some of your favorite samples and demo your techniques – which all the Masters did over a two day period.

There was also a wonderful evening (in Faux Effects™ style) that had live music – Just eat, drink and be merry……I think was the theme (oh, no it was Diamonds & Denim)!

I know that Faux Effects™ is planning another MOTM for 2009 and believe me – I wouldn’t miss it. If you didn’t have the chance to experience MOTM 2007 – make sure to mark your calendars and make it to this wonderful celebration in 09.

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