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Let’s get Organized

Well, I think most of you know that I’ve been in business for almost 30 years and to stay in business this long, a girl has to be organized!

Sometimes it might not look like I’m organized but it just happens to be an organized mess occasionally. LOL! But I can always find everything I need!

I want to share one of the main reasons I do stay organized with all that is going on each and every day.  It’s my amazing Day Designer Planner 🙂

I have to write things down on paper. I can’t put them in my phone like some people. I will never remember! I need paper and a pen (or pencil) and I have to make lists and check them off.  I need to see my monthly schedule as well as my daily list of things to do, and my wonderful Day Designer lets me see both which is amazing.  This has been the best day planner I have ever had.  I don’t think there is a page that’s not written on. 🙂

If you are a list maker, note taker, detailed scheduler, the Day Designer is for you as well!  This baby keeps me focused on not only my day to day schedule but also reminds me to be grateful each day 🙂 It has a little section to write it down each day.

Being business owners (or side hustlers), we have to stay on top of the day to day tasks, know what our weeks look like (for the big picture) and then focus on each day as well.  As our businesses (and side hustles) continue to grow, so do the tasks that have to be managed and having great team members in place is so important.  And… being extremely organized is crucial!

Take it from me, if your life could use a little organization, then check out the Day Designer and get focused and organized with me!

**This post contains affiliate links. All this means is I will receive a little commision if you purchase an incredible Day Designer Planner. Prices are the same for you whether you use my link or not.