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Let’s get FOILED


What the heck are they and why is everyone so excited about them?

First, let me try and describe what foils are and how to use them.  Foils are a metallization on the back of plastic and create a bright and shiny surface.  The most brilliant metallics will always be Leafing, but Foils are not far off and much easier to work with or maybe I should say not as messy.

Foils come in soooo many different colors, patterns, and holograms, that you have a ton of options!

The process is also pretty simple. It is simply applying a Foil Adhesive, allowing it to tack up and then transferring your foil.  Okay, I will give you a little more details and step-by-step, but it really is that easy!!

First, you do need a Foil Adhesive for this process and I have a fabulous Foil Adhesive for you.  You need to apply the Foil Adhesive to your surface and allow it to dry to a firm tack.  You can brush or roll this onto your surface, but all your application marks can show through the foil.  Make sure to roll or brush in one direction to minimize your roller marks or brush marks.  Allow the Foil Adhesive to dry for at least an hour before trying to transfer the foil.  The Foil Adhesive that I sell does not dry beyond a firm tack, meaning it is sticky for life.

Once the Foil Adhesive has dried for at least an hour and is a firm tack, you will apply your foil over the surface.  You want to make sure that the shiny bright side is facing you when you apply it.  Use a terry rag or any soft rag and rub the foil into the adhesive surface. Don’t use your hands because they can leave marks.  Always peak underneath the foil and determine how much you want to transfer before removing the foil completely.  There is no standard or correct application, you can transfer as much or as little as you would like to see.  If rubbing with a terry rag is not transferring enough foil for your liking, then get out a scrub brush.  Make sure to scrub the surface up/down, do not scrub in a circular motion.  Again, the scrubber marks may show in your application, so make sure you are scrubbing up and down.  Once you have transferred as much foil as you desire you can remove the plastic.

Due to the fact that the foil adhesive never dries past a firm tack, you will want to apply a top coat not only to seal in the tack but also to protect the foil finish.  Foils are delicate and can scratch easily, so you want to make sure and protect them.  It’s best to make a sample board with a foil transfer and then section off areas to apply different top coat sheens and determine which one you like the best.  Anything in a top coat below Gloss will alter the sheen of the foils.  Sometimes we want to keep them bright and shiny and other times we want to dull the high sheen using a lower sheen top coat, like satin.

Grab yourself some foils and foils adhesive and just play!!  They are easy and fun to work with!!  Just go get creative and create something bright and shiny!!