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Let’s Chalk it up!!! Creation of a Chalk Board wall….

I have only been in my new studio space for little over a year (4th studio space in 25 years) – so it’s still a work in progress for me!  Time doesn’t always permit for me to complete a painting projects for myself.  But a few months back, I decided that I needed to clean up my office and one thing lead to another…….LOL  While I was cleaning up the floor area behind my desk – I decided that “NOW” was a great time to paint that wall!

office wall
office wall

I had this idea running through my head for awhile and had wanted to create a Chalk Board Wall using the American Paint Company’s Chalk/Clay/Mineral based paints.  So, with the way things get done around here – I went into my studio and found a color spoke to me at that moment –  CORAL REEF🙂  and also Wild Horse’s for the center “framed Chalk Board”.


I grab some tape, a pencil and the frame I wanted to use.  Marked off the area for the Chalk Board and painted Wild Horses – I applied three coats, knowing I would season this area and use it as a Chalk Board.  While I was waiting for that to dry, I taped off the rest of the wall so I could paint the Coral Reef color.  I love painting with the APC paints – I had great coverage in one coat with the Coral Reef paint.


Now – I just couldn’t stop at that point 🙂 I went digging through my stencil designs and decided to pull out one of my newest patterns – Contempo Modern and stencil an all-over-repeat design.  I wanted a tone-on-tone look, so I took the APC Coral Reef and added some Home Plate to lighten it up – maybe around a 75/25 mixture for the stencil color.  The stencil pattern has registration marks to that you can work from right to left and top to bottom – so I just kept stenciling in every direction until I finished out the entire wall.

August 2014 170


Then came the Frame project – this was a frame that I found at a wonderful little shop I like to stop by once in a while and just see what wonderful little finds she has hidden a away for me!!!  I like creating contrast for interest – so I went looking through my colors and couldn’t help but pick one of my favorite combinations – Surfboad and Home Plate.

frameframe2August 2014 232


I started out by painting on two coats of the Home Plate – allowing each layer to dry in between and then painted on the Surfboard in a “hap-hazard” fashion (very messy looking).  Allowed this to dry and then came in with my “wet-blending technique” and blended the bad paint job of the Surfboard into the Home Plate – using wet cheesecloth.  I will even spray water onto the surface and blend the colors together.   As I was wet blending, I happened to expose some of the original frame color for some highlighting.

August 2014 229August 2014 236

Once everything was dry – I wiped/brushed on a mixture of the Clear and Dark Waxes to create a medium tone wax finish.

Everyone that walks into my office loves the wall – they all say it makes them smile.  I’m not sure if I’m done with this project yet or not – time will tell if I execute the rest of my ideas floating in my head 🙂

chalk wall


Chalk it up Peeps!!!