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Glitter & Mica Flakes


Not all glitter is created EQUAL!

When I first started adding glitter to products, I purchased some from the local craft store. However, I soon found that the glitter did not hold up in the various mediums I was working with. This is because the glitter was not SOLVENT resistant. The glitter would melt or bleed into the mediums. For this reason, it was necessary to find an alternative and more superior glitter.

With a little research and digging, I found a fantastic GLITTER to add to my collection. As a result, we can now ADD glitter to products like GLASS BEAD GEL. This really enhances the sparkle when you Stria or trowel the Glass Bead Gel!

One of my FAV things to do with this mixture (Glass Bead Gel and Glitter) is to trowel it over a stencil to emboss the design. Talk about STUNNING!!  There are so many different color options to use and you can even mix your glitters for custom colors. 🙂

I also love to add the glitters to other products like Weathered Granite, Adobe Texture, and Metallic Texture. The glitter just adds a hint of sparkle!  Even though I like to add glitter to these other materials, the glitters will show up best in your clear mediums like Glaze, Glass Bead Gel, Top Coats, etc.

You can even apply them over my Foil Adhesive… Believe me, anything will stick to my Adhesive! You just need to apply a top coat and you are good to go.  Just let your mind think outside the box and the possibilities are endless!

So… Let’s not forget about those wonderful MICA FLAKES!  These Flakes come in many different sizes, from almost “dust” to big 1″ natural flakes.  BUT… What do you do with these beautiful flakes??

I personally love to add them to my Glass Bead Gel and Glitter mixtures. This is extremely pretty, blingy, shiny fabulous stuff!  One of my favorite combos is embossing a stencil with The Color Shaper ToolThe Color Shaper Tool applies the Glass Beads very nicely over a stencil. No more popping beads everywhere!  You can even do the same process with the Mica Flakes, which makes the possibilities endless! I like to use the two together whenever possible. This means the project I am working on is an Extremely Blingy project! 🙂  You can also adhere the Mica Flakes to a surface with my Foil Adhesive, but you will have to put something over the top to protect them.

Make sure to check out the collection of Glitter and Mica Flakes on my website.  We have some really pretty colors in both collections.  Take your Glass Beads to the next level and add some color to them!