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All Things Rust & Patina – Exploring the Possibilities

I have been using the Modern Masters Patina finishes for many many years!  Some of you may remember a few others they used to have like “Baroque”.  YES, I’m as sad as you, I wish they still had that one too!!  But, from what I understand, it had an issue with exploding… LOL!!  Yeah, that is the reason Baroque is gone!!

But my personal LOVE of all things Patina and Rust has been going strong for some time now; maybe close to 20 years 🙂  I have been obsessed with the incredible amount of variations one can achieve using these materials and I always feel like the “mad scientist” when creating with them!!

So, I’m taking a day (well approximately 5 to 6 hours) on August 8th (don’t worry if you can’t be there for the Live taping, you can watch any time it’s convenient for you) and going to share all I know about these materials and how they react, how to get different reactions and even introduce other materials they react with.  Not only will you learn all about the products (so that you become an expert “reactor”) but you will also be learning 3 of my most popular finishes.  YES, 3 of my favorite and amazing finishes will be added to your portfolio and wow all your customers.

Now, this is a fabulous deal!  Stay at home and watch all this good stuff going on, ask questions during the process and have a private room that you will have access to for continued support!!

These finishes are totally “drool” worthy and I’m sure with all your new Rust & Patina knowledge, you will create many new “drool” worthy finishes on your own!

Make sure to sign up soon for this workshop by July 20th to save $30!!  Early Bird Special is $107 after July 20th class fee will be $137……

This workshop will provide all the knowledge you need to become your own “mad scientist” and understand how the products react, the different variations of the reactions and how to control them as much as possible (some of it just happens)!!

Looking forward to sharing my knowledge with all of you so that you can have as much fun as I do with all of these materials by Modern Masters – Metal Effects.

Also, one lucky student will receive a Rust Kit (16oz bottles)  that includes Iron Paint, Rust Activator, Primer and PermaCoat, valued at over $80!!  WooHoo, baby, that’s good stuff!!