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A very creative suitcase….

Ever since the digital cameras have been around, I tend to not print pictures anymore. We just enjoy them on the computer and sharing them with others in the same form. Well at the first of the year, I spoiled myself with a new computer and in moving everything over to the new computer I had a lot of fun going through the photo albums that I was transferring. WOW!! I think I had actually forgotten about some of these projects that I had painted over the years……The Whimsey Suitcase!

Over the years I think I have just about painted everything I could find, including a suitcase.  This was a fun project that I had created for the studio and eventually one of my customers had to have it!  No surface is safe around me, I have painted buckets, flower pots, toasters (yes, toasters) and have had so much fun just being creative.

This project takes me back to my “dumpster diving” days! I loved stopping at every (yes – every) antique store, flea market and anyplace off the side of the road that just looked like it would be fun to dig through!  I have a stash of stuff that is still waiting for its turn to be transformed into a wonderful painted item. I even started to dig through my warehouse the other day to see what was left and ready to paint.

Whether you are whimsy or sophisticated, you can have fun painting just about any item and transform it into a wonderful painted treasure!

Have fun painting everything and anything you can find!!