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20 New Foil Designs & Patterns

Wow! These New Foils…

Guys!! We are so excited to announce (if you haven’t already heard) that we have brought you 20 new Foil designs and patterns! I really feel like we hit the jackpot with these Foils because they are just stunning (insert all the heart eye emojis)!

Baylee Flowers Foil

These are really some of the most beautiful Foils I have ever seen and Oh My Gosh do they transfer well!

Jaguar Gold Foil

Never foiled before?

Here are some of my best tips and tricks!

Ready to get the best results possible?  The first thing you are going to want to do is to try out a few different base coats. Some Foils just look better transferred over certain colors.  Make a sample board (I like to use styrene boards – you can purchase them HERE) and experiment with different color choices.  I prefer a darker color under most of my Foils, it just makes them “pop”.

So, as we start to play with different color options, let’s move onto Foil Adhesive.  It is best to apply Foil Adhesive with a low nap roller Wooster; I love the 1/4 nap whenever I can find them (you can purchase the handle on Amazon HERE and the brush on Amazon HERE).  This roller puts on enough material and leaves a uniform texture, but… make sure to roll all in one direction for your final roll.  You can also use a foam brush or roller (make sure it’s the dense type). These will apply more smoothly but sometimes not enough material (it could take two layers).  Let the Foil Adhesive set up for at least an hour, the longer the better.  The Foil Adhesive needs to get to a firm dry tack for the best transfer possible.

Garrison Glitter Foil

Once we have the base coat and Foil Adhesive applied, it’s time to have fun transferring our fabulous Foils

Pick our your favorite pattern or color Foil and lay it over the Foil Adhesive with the color or pattern facing you.  You can start with just rubbing the foil with a soft cloth, but if that’s not enough transfer, use a scrub brush. Voilà! You are now a foiling expert!

Are you more of a visual learner??

Check out this YouTube Tutorial HERE, showing you step-by-step how to foil!

More New Patterns

Odell Foil
Abigail Flowers Foil
Cosmo Brown Foil
Dominic Flowers Foil
Wild Leopard Spots (Small) Foil
Cloud Gold Foil

You can find the new collection of flowers, animal prints and more HERE! Now, get to rocking some great foil finishes! I can’t wait to see what you create 🙂

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