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Stamping Roller Written Instructions

Basic Instruction for

Stamping Rollers

Stamping Rollers are a durable rubber that is designed to transfer paint to a surface using the Stamping Roller handle/applicator.  You can roll onto many different surfaces using just about any paint.  You can also remove the Foam Applicator Roller and roll through many different mediums like, ArtsSyVille Embellishments Texture Medium, plasters, glaze and paint to name a few.

To get started, you need to assemble the stamping roller handle/applicator.  Attached the handle to the metal u-shaped bar using the “nut” enclosed.

Then its time to load the foam applicator with paint.  Pour paint into a paint tray or a serving tray lined with “press-n-seal”.  Add approximately 5% water to the paint if needed, this allows the paint to soak into the foam roller much easier.  Once the paint has been thinned with water, load the foam roller into the stamping handle using the holes closest to the handle (bottom hole).  Then roll back in forth through the paint until you have loaded enough paint for your project.  (If you are doing a large project, you will need to load the foam applicator more than once).

You can also watch my YouTube Channel video to see how this is done.

Once the foam applicator is loaded with paint, then insert the pattern roller into the very top holes on the handle.

You want to pre-load the pattern roller before you start your project.  Roll onto some unprinted newsprint, packing paper or some type of paper, this pre-roll will load the paint onto the entire pattern and then you are ready to roll onto your project.

Always best to practice a few times.  You do not have to push hard with these rollers, they are soft rubber and roll very easy.  You may also want to practice with the type of surface and paint you are using to make sure everything is working well.  We have found that the rollers work best on a Matte sheen instead of Gloss.

Clean-up:  If using water-based paints – you can just clean the sponge and pattern roller with soap and water.  Rinse the foam applicator well and allow to dry before using again.


Stamping Rollers


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