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Fauxy Roller Written Instructions

Basic Instructions for

Fauxy Rollers/Decorative Patterned Rollers

Fauxy Rollers are a very durable rubber roller that is designed to imprint into a medium.  You can roll through many different mediums like, ArtsSyVille Embellishments Texture Medium, plasters, glaze, and paint to name a few.

The most common technique for using the rollers is a “negative” imprinting technique.  Let me explain what I mean – these rollers are designed to make an “impression” into some wet material.  Like in my YouTube videos, I demonstrate applying a texture medium, paint or glaze onto the surface area and then roll the rollers through while the medium is wet.  This gives you a negative impression of the pattern.

Working with glazing medium:  Tint your glaze to the color of your choice or start with a pre-tinted glaze.  Apply the glaze to the surface area with either a brush or roller – because glaze stays wet longer than any other medium, you can allow the glaze to “set-up” a little before using the rollers.  Once your glaze has “tacked” up a little, you can just roll through the wet glaze with the roller of your choice.  Depending on your project area – you may want to off-load the roller onto unprinted newsprint from time to time – so that the roller will continue to remove the glaze.  Once you are done rolling through with your pattern – just allow the glaze to thoroughly dry.

Working with Paint:  You can use any paint brand with the rollers – but I personally like working with the Chalky type paints (my favorite brand is Debi’s Design Dairy – DIY Paints).  You can use the paint straight out of the jar – apply to the surface with brush or roller.  If the area you are working on is small enough, the paint will stay wet long enough to roll through with the roller of your choice.  If you are working on a large area, you may want to add some clear glazing medium to the paint first, this will allow it to stay wet longer.

Working with AE Texture Medium:   The ArtsSyVille Embellishments Texture Medium was developed for an easy to use medium that worked well with the Fauxy Rollers.  The Texture Medium can be applied to the surface with a “room key”, spatula, putty knife, trowel, brush or whatever tool you have that will work.  Apply a thin layer of the Texture Medium, approximately 1/8” to 1/16” – just enough so that you can create the roller impression.  The thinner application will keep the rollers cleaner and not “peak” the product too much, which less sanding will be necessary when dry.  Once you have applied the medium to the surface area, just roll the Fauxy roller pattern of your choice through the wet material.  You may need to off-load the roller onto unprinted newsprint or wash it out every so often depending on your project surface area.  Once the Texture Medium is dry it will be necessary to sand down the peaks that the roll creates in the texture.  I use 220 to 150 grit sandpaper and just sand off the high areas – I don’t want to loose the pattern.  Once the sanding is complete, make sure to dust off the surface area and make sure it’s clean and ready for the next application.  At this point, you can decide to paint or glaze the texture – there are many options to enhance your roller pattern projects.

Clean up:  All of the different products referred to are water based materials and will clean up with soap and water.  Using a garden hose with a sprayer and a 5-gallon bucket work best.

Education: If you desire a great place to learn techniques and finishes for using the rollers – make sure to check out my Roller Queen’s Inner Circle membership group:


Fauxy Rollers/Decorative Patterned Rollers


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