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Polka Dots for Amy!

I’m not sure how long Amy and I have known each other but, it does go back a few years! Amy and her husband, Don have opened their house several times for me when I have traveled to PA to teach for their local chapter of the IDAL group. Talk about incredible hosts – Amy and Don make you feel so welcome, cook amazing food for you and even let the guest bet them at WII…..I Knocked Amy out!!  (Only in the game…LOL)

Amy Scheg is the owner of Stensational Walls in Lebanon, PA and has been painting for 12 years.  Her decorative painting business encompasses many facets of the arts and one of her loves has always been stenciling.  You can find her online @ Stensational Walls.

One of Amy’s favorite projects are Babies and Children’s rooms – Amy indicated that usually she is given a budget and is told “do whatever you want, we trust your judgement”!  Now, that is a dream client!!!  Recently she had a project in where she had taken the bedding for the room, traced several of the elements and cut her own stencils by hand (now that’s a lot of work!) – but, she had a dilemma in the fact, she needed a Polka Dot stencil and she knew should could not cut perfect little circles the size she had desired.  So this is where I entered the picture on this project……..Amy called my studio after seeing several posts by me indicating that I was offering Laser Stencil Cutting services. Amy provided me with the details of the design she needed and I had my associate Ron create the stencil.

This room is absolutely adorable – Amy worked with the palette of colors from the bedding, a couple of pinks, white, green and chocolate-brown.  One wall was created like the bedding and the other walls she scattered flowers, leaves and bugs randomly around the room.  Then she painted two 1 inch chocolate-brown stripes around the room at chair rail height, about 6 inches apart and put the Polka Dots in the middle of the stripes…..she also created a French Wash below the Polka Dot border.

Amy said my Polka Dot stencil was amazing – it only took her about an hour to paint the entire border.  She indicated that polka dots are very popular in children’s bedding right now, so this stencil will come in handy!  I want to “thank” Amy for sharing this fun project with us and allowing me the chance to create a fun stencil!

Have fun Stenciling,