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Custom Pillow DIY: Stamping Rollers

It’s time for another super fun & simple craft project! This custom pillow DIY will show you how to create custom throw pillows to match your aesthetic perfectly. Let’s get started!!

Custom Pillow DIY

Custom Pillow DIY: Stamping Rollers

First, I color-washed the background of the canvas with Hey Sailor DIY Paint. I diluted the paint with water to create a washed looked.  You will paint both sides of the canvas and allow it to dry.

Next, using the Chrysanthemum Stamping Roller, you will load the foam roller with DIY Paint White Swan and then attach the pattern roller onto the handle.

Line up the roller on the dry pillow cover and roll on the design. Lining up one roll after another.  Roll both sides of the pillow cover and allow it to dry!

Such a fun project! Just think of all the things that you can customize with these great rollers!  Sheets, window treatments, table runners, placemats, etc. The list goes on and on!

Have fun Crafting!

Xo, Jenn


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